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When you've put in countless hours in the kitchen baking and decorating a cake, would you rather display your cake on a plate that enhances its beauty or one that detracts from all of your hard work?

Give your cake an elegant boost when you stand it on a pedestal as the focal point of the dessert lineup and you won't have to worry about leftovers. Whether you are looking for a classic or contemporary cake stand to match the decor of your dining room and the motif of the occasion - you can find a beautiful cakestand here that will be admired by all!

If you bake cakes professionally, you already know that presentation matters. We're proud to assist you in finding elegant and exquisite cake stands to complement your cake decorating skills. We know that your cakes will be the centerpiece in carefully planned wedding receptions and lavish birthday parties, and we're glad that we can be a small part of these special days. If you have any questions about the cake stands which you see on this website, please don't hesitate to ask!

If you are just learning cake decorating or making a cake for a family affair, we're happy to help find you an appropriate cake stand as well. Whether you are looking for a revolving cake stand to make decorating your cake a bit easier, or an antique cake stand to complement your fine china and elegant dining room, or simply searching for a cake stand that can meet all your dessert presentation needs.

Cakestand.biz is pleased to help you find your next cake stand. In order to assist you in the selection of the appropriate cake stand, it is necessary for you to consider a number of different factors in the selection.


If you are making a large cake, then you'll need a large cake stand. However, if you are planning to serve a large number of people, you may be better off with a number of smaller cakes and displaying them on a tiered cake stand. A three or seven tier cake stand can add style to your dessert presentation and add elegance to your cake plateau.


You don't want to be trying to put a square peg into a round hole anymore than you want to put a round cake on a square cake stand. You can find both round cake stands and square cake stands here.


Obviously, if you are planning on serving a cake at a wedding reception, you are looking for a wedding cake stand. But you have many more options if you are planning to serve a birthday cake. If you are just planning to serve the cake to your small family, then perhaps you should chose a covered cake stand to keep your cake fresh. Or if you are planning on the cake stand doubling as a display for cakes when you host formal dinner parties, then perhaps a footed cake plate or pedestal cake stand will serve your entertainment needs better. We've even got a few cupcake stands for a change of pace.

Material & Color

Just as cake stands come in all different sizes and shapes, they also are made from many different materials and in different colors. We've organized them into a few of the more popular options, including cakestands made of glass, crystal, silver, ceramic, and acrylic. Our most popular colors are white, black, and red.

Thank you for visiting CakeStand.biz and we hope that you enjoy both your new cake stand and all of the future delicious cakes we are sure you will make!

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